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Our History

  Gregg & Valby, LLP traces its roots back to 1977, when Gregory L. Gregg, one of our founders, formed the law firm of Gregory L. Gregg & Associates, PC. Mr. Gregg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 16, 1943; and he grew up in Maryland and Texas. He matriculated to the University of Texas at Austin in 1962, and he graduated in 1966 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

  In 1966, Mr. Gregg began attending the Baylor School of Law, and he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1969. While at Baylor, his education was interrupted by the Vietnam War. During the period of 1968-1974, Mr. Gregg served with the 36th Airborne Brigade of the Texas Army National Guard, where he attained the rank of First Lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General's Corps. After graduation from law school, Mr. Gregg spent eight years at the Harris County Attorney's office, where he did many things, including handling condemnation proceedings and representing the Sheriff's Department in civil litigation. Among his many colorful and humorous expressions, Mr. Gregg was fond of saying, "all I need to practice law is a pencil, a Big Chief tablet, and a wall to lean on".

  Mr. Gregg discovered the field of mortgage lending law in 1977, and quickly made it his own. He mastered the intricacies of mortgage lending law before the advent of computers. Mr. Gregg is a student of time and motion, and he was among the first to create streamlined processes to type, assemble, and distribute a volume of compliant legal documents for residential mortgage loan closings.

  With the advent of computers and, ultimately, the use of the Firm's own proprietary document preparation software (GVDocs), the Firm has prepared or reviewed more than one million residential mortgage loan closing packages since 1977. Mr. Gregg's recognition of a good business opportunity, diligent work ethic, and charming personality all combined to make him one of the most successful attorneys of his generation in the field of mortgage lending law.

  In 1992, Mr. Gregg approached our other founder, Scott R. Valby, about combining their practices. The resulting law firm, Gregg & Valby, LLP, operated from July 1, 1993, through March 31, 2011, when Mr. Gregg retired. During their time together, during which it is said they were always in agreement and never spoke an unkind word to or about one another, the scope of the Firm’s practice expanded and continues to expand today. On January 1, 2016, Karen H. Miller, Thomas G. Overbeck, and Jing Xiong (Brad) Luo, long-time friends and co-workers of Mr. Valby, joined him as partners in the Firm.

  Over the past 39 years, the Firm has created hundreds of jobs, served numerous clients across the country, and been blessed to employ numerous loyal and dedicated individuals. The Firm has always endeavored to put the clients first, the staff second, and the law firm third. The partners agree that such a philosophy is the recipe for business success. With the trust of clients and the assistance of many wonderful individuals, a number of whom continue to work with the Firm after 5, 10, or more than 20 years of employment, Gregg & Valby, LLP continues that proud tradition.

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